Our core values

ResQ is a platform that allows users to live social life experiences in the city where they live, through an exchange of information and experiences, to have social literacy where technology is just the tool to sparkle positive dynamics with the host city, turing it into a 'Welcoming City', thanks to the possibility of meeting with people who make themselves available, discovering new places and new local resources, matching interests, abilities and needs.

The service implements national and international dynamics, facilitating social hospitality, given by the different life experiences.

Some moments from ResQ’s opencare Maker in Residence


This website illustrates the experience and the progress of ResQ within the opencare Maker in Residence, which took place in WeMake from 12/06 to 25/06/2017.

Latest news from the blog

ResQ - Acknowledgements

Thank you to all those people we've met along the way, they have been fundamental for our growth...
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MIR - Final presentation

All the activities that we've carried out throughout the MIR have led us to ResQ's improvement...
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ResQ - JAM, a collaborative system

It is time now to share the ResQ challenge to a specific Milanese community, in order to frame the possible scenarios of the project....
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Open Source

ResQ is an Open Source project.

[The licence specifications will follow.]

How to contribute

  • Do you want to contribute to the ResQ project? Write to resqstaff@wemake.cc or leave a comment below!

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